Ab Jove principium
The beginning (is) in Jove.

Et in Arcadia ego
And I in Arcadia...

Intonuit nunquam melius quod Tartara flexit
Quod delphin grato pondere vexit opus.

Not the instrument that unbent Hades nor that which weighed
on the dolphin with its agreeable burden ever sounded any better.

O decus Phoebi.
O glory of Phoebus.

Haec si contigant mundo quae gaudia coeli?
If such joys happen on the earth, what then of the joys of heaven?

Ignis fatalem patientur cuncta ruinam:
In coelum verbum et musica diva volat.

All together will suffer the destined destruction by fire;
but divine word and music fly to heaven.

Per aures ad animum.
Through the ears to the spirit.

Sic transit gloria mundi.
Thus passes the glory of the world.